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Feb Week 1 - Light


The sparkle of reflected light really brightens our spirits on dark winter days. We turn the shelf light on in the buffet and get lots of pretty colors coming off the glass cruets.

Taken with Canon Rebel Xsi

No flash

Lens aperture wide open at f/1.8, 50mm

Shutter 1/40 s

Thanks for looking - critique welcome!

From the album:

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What a gorgeous collection and I just love the photo. Just a gorgeous still life! The shallow depth really works to focus on that lovely flowered cruet.

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This is great! What beautiful bottles and the colors are so rich and majestic looking! You captured the feeling of oldness in the bottles and other pieces. And I love the blurred background but yet you can make out whats there!

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Tina - great shot! I love the richness of the colors and the light is perfect! Great depth of field - all in all -awesome job!

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Tina, this is a really neat shot! What a wonderful idea to capture the light from within your china cabinet. The rich jewel tones are perfect to reflect that light. You've really got a nice collection. The varying heights of the cruets really make this photo interesting. And do I detect some milkglass/hobnail in the background?

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Tina, great example of shallow DOF. I think that adds an element of softness to the background. Striking colours! Just one little teeny weeny critique from me would have been to perhaps put some reflector on the left side to push a little light onto the darker glass at that side. Otherwise a very striking piece! (just my two pennorth!)

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love the colors and the shapes.... and the lighting makes some interesting colors... i would like to see it composed where maybe just one bottle is in the main focus and the others are blured...giving more emphasis to one bottle.... maybe getting in closer on one bottle with the others just a blur ???? also the edge of the shelf straight on maybe .... just some thoughts..

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:dito: on all of the comments about the lighting and DOF. Really well done. I love the low light feel you have in this, gives me a dreamy kind of feel. Well done!
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Beautiful collection and love the colors, the light and the depth of field in this. Wondering if the gap between the front red and blue cruets could be closed up a little?? Very nice photo.

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