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Favorite Foods


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Favorite Foods

Journaling: "Asking me what my favorite foods are is kind of like asking a person who their favorite child is! Unfortunately, I have had a love of food for my entire life. And while that has given me a lifetime of great food, it hasnít supplied me with the kind of figure that Iíd like. So in the next few weeks, Iím going to be overhauling my food choices and embarking on a new journey of eating more healthy. Consider this layout a last good look at my favorite, although soon to be restricted, foods."

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    Laurel, I can give you some of my pictures lol ... It's going in my "to lift" folder!
    Ohhhhhhhhhhh can't wait to see what your favorite foods are. Cooking and baking is a hobby of mine and it's so hard to stay away from my fav's 'cause they're always just a kitchen away. :o Love your layout. Your pages are so inspiring, and always so lovely.