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What I Love About My Home


© Laurel Lakey

What I Love About My Home

Another one I'm working on but still need pictures for.
**Edited with photos now!**

Journaling: "I love having these amazing green hills surrounding our home. Driving through them when they’re lush like this just makes me happy, especially when I’m down about not living close to my family."

There will be photos of the green hills surrounding my house...when I get them taken. :D

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Thanks for looking!

Laurel :)

    Laurel, I love your line of clustering and layering base for your photos. Can't wait to see the finished LO with photos included.
    Love all the layering clusters you use....can't wait to see those green hills!!
    Gorgeous, Laurel! I can imagine those hills! :D I love the repeated circles, that will (I imagine ;)) mimic the rounded hills. And the bold turquoise is so fresh - it balances the green and the cream really nicely. Thanks for posting!