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Dad in the Caboose



Dad in the Caboose

Dad in the Caboose

Made with PSP X2, on a PC, with Win 7

A technique that I did with this layout, besides emphasizing the embellishments, was to erase the corners of the LO, so the corner embellishments would stand out. I used the invisibility toggle to make the corner layer invisible, then merged visible the rest of the layers. Using the eraser tool, I erased the background corners and flattened the layout. Now the corners are white, but can be trimmed after printing.

I used Ro's Scrapbook Secrets Revealed video's, 1 through 10, to make this layout!

Products used:

KVE_TimeTraveler Biggie



PWR_TimeTraveler_WordArt Mini

BMU_Time Traveler_EMB_Frames


Engravers MT

Papyrus Bold


Dad doing his

Conductor thing

in the Caboose


Clifford Monroe Scott




    Heather, thanks for explaining your technique and how you learned it yourself - from Ro's secrets. Love this photo too!
    This is a neat page Heather. I really like the angle of the photo and how you used the time traveler pieces with it too. Nicely done!
    What an interesting layout of a great memory! I like the edges of your layout. This gives me some ideas for how I can use the Time traveler collection I bought. Thanks!
    This is really cool, Heather. I love how you did the corners.
    Great techniques on this layout. Sounds like an interesting job. : ) You did a great job!