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Feb Week 2 - Flash


Whew, finally found a moment to post after watching little whirlwind all weekend. Here is dear grandson after he snuck into poppa's recliner - he's waiting for poppa to return.


Used the flash this time:

Speedlite 430EX II set to bounce off white ceiling

Camera Rebel Xsi set to lower exposure of flash by 1/3-stop

Meter mode: spot

Lens: 50mm

ISO 400

Aperture f/4

Shutter 1/60s

Camera handheld - no time for tripod


Update: This morning after I had a chance to really review the EXIF info from all the photos taken this weekend, I see the flash didn't fire even though it was turned on for the photo I originally posted. Guess the flash batteries were getting worn out. I automatically assumed the flash worked on every photo that turned out as the corner of the house where we were taking photos is very dark. Since my photo this week is supposed to be an example of using artificial light, in my case flash, I'm replacing the photo with one where the flash did fire. Thanks to everyone who commented on the original photo and sorry if I've caused any confusion.

From the album:

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Wow - such a great job with this! It makes me *totally* interested in getting an off-camera flash. I typically hate flashes, but that usually means on-camera flash. Seeing how great this looks makes me want to look into a further . . .

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Look at how cute, it's like he is saying, oh no where's poppop, Hope I don't get caught. lol Nice shot for handheld. Guess you didn't have time to push the f stop up a bit. That would have made his whole face in focus, as his ears are a bit blurry, but you have to get the perfect shot when you can, and the expression on his face is priceless.

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Oh this is precious. Like you said - no time for a tripod with a shot like this. I like the effect the bouncing flash has given the photo overall- kind of like a surreal effect. And that look of anticipation is just wonderfully captured. Well done!

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Oh goodness! What a look on his face, and that precious little hand the chair. Love the soft warm colors. He looks as if he belongs in that chair, and he knows it! I know you didn't possibly have time to pose him, but it sure looks that way. Great shot!

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Tina - what a precious photo! The look on his face is priceless! The bounce off the ceiling gives a great effect! Great job!


Team 3 - Sharpshooters

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