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20 Years of Trucking

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20 Years of Trucks


Made with PSP X2, on a PC, with Win 7


I used several techniques from Ro's Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed. One that I used, was #19 - Text Effects, which I used to colour the outer frame of the photo matt.








KVE_TimeTraveler Biggie_Plus


PWR_TimeTraveler_WordArt Mini


SNU_WellTraveled Collection








Font: Rockwell






Twenty years of trucks.


I had more journaling, about how I used to go with him, but it was too long and a second page for journaling, didn't look right. :-)



© &copy
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Wow Heather! This is dynamite!! I love how you used Marnie's sketch and the truck cab blended into the background is perfect. This is the best one of the bunch Heather. I think a second page for jounaling would be a wonderful idea. I know it's hard sometimes to coordinate them, but I'd love to see you give it a try.

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