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20 Years of Trucks - Journaling



20 Years of Trucks - Journaling

20 Years of Trucks - Journaling

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Dear Diary

On the next page are a few of the trucks that we

have owned during the past twenty years. The

trucks have changed over the years, not only

because of the make and mechanical specs,

but because of the cosmetics and extras. These

three photos, show the biggest changes in the

trucks we've owned.

In the first photo is a Western Star with a single

bunk. You had to crawl through a space, much

like a wide window, into the bunk. Once you

were in there, it was comfortable enough to

sleep, but there wasn't much room to manouver.

The second truck was also a Western Star, but it

had a raised roof on the bunk and was double

deep, with a doorway, instead of a window. You

could actually walk into the bunk, by ducking a

little. It was great to be able to pull the curtains

across and stand to get changed.

The third truck is a long nose Peterbilt. It was

Ron's dream come true. It's wheel base was

longer than that of the any truck we had in the

past. There's even more room in the cab and in

the bunk to stand and move around. It even has

the flat steel bumper, instead of a curved one,

with the holes in it.

It should have been traded a few years ago, but

the long nose is a thing of the past, so we held

onto it. There isn't enough time left now to make

another purchase, because Ron wants to retire

and a purchase takes from three to five years.

Ron has driven to or through every province in

Canada, except British Columbia and every State,

on the North American continent, south of the

Canadian border. As you can see in the first photo,

I used to drive with him, prior to having my heart

attack. I haven't gone to as many places as he, but

have enjoyed the places that I've seen.

    Great journaling and I really like how you've displayed it all...the text effects and the truck photo faded and worn into the background.
    I agree with Brandie, Great journaling! Lovely layout :)
    Sensational! Love the blended truck photo and the grungy feel to the pages, great journaling and what a story! Really nice job on the text effect frame, super choices of embellishments which are unexpected and thoughtful. Love it!
    Neat - I like that you put the journaling in the frame, and the photo outside. Some wonderful effects here, and great blending work!
    i'm so glad you shared this with us. Love the journaling and the trucks. My guys are always tickering on stuff and so my layouts are usually farm and grungy stuff. not sure if I'd know how to put a ribbon on things. keep up the good work. would love to see the other pages.
    This is sensational Heather! Your blending is beautiful and your journaling .... well ..... very very good!!
    Very artistic LO and great journaling.
    Love the colors and journaling!