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This one was difficult because I had a completely different plan for this layout, but a few things changed, I got behind, and then I just started working on this one instead. I am pleased with the way it turned out and am even more pleased to report that since last Monday, I've already lost 12.6 lbs! So that is motivating me to keep going, to continue doing what I'm doing. I'm seeing results and couldn't be more proud of myself. :)

Journaling: "This is me at the start of my 12-week weight loss journey. I have joined a Biggest Loser group here in southern California, and there is a lot at stake! Not only do I have the chance to win over $2400 if I am declared the Biggest Loser, but I feel like this is finally my chance to be motivated to lose this weight that has been holding me back for so long. Itís not just that I want to be skinny. No, itís much more than that. You see, when I picture myself in my head, I donít see this overweight person. So when Iím faced with photos of myself showing the actual size that I am, I am shocked. Every. Single. Time. So itís finally time for me to say Enough! Iím giving up sugar, Iím exercising daily, Iím eating good, healthy, home-made meals instead of drive-thru crap. And Iím giving it my all. Itís my turn to focus on me for a while and become the person that I see in my own head. Itís time for my outside appearance to match the person inside.

I am ready. I am going to do this."

This layout uses:

Assemble Your Own: Leather Patch
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Chipboard Shadows 6401
ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Painted Chipboard
Oh Blah Dee Collection
ScrapSimple Tools - Scripts: Supply Tracker 11101
ScrapSimple Tools - Scripts: File Save 2 11101
Daybreak Collection

Thanks for looking!

Laurel :)

    I'm proud of you, Laurel! And your layout is beautiful.
    Wow. Congratulations on an amazing start, and you are inspiring and brave to share this. Great journaling! What a pretty layout and I love the way you have blended in the photos of the old you. Good for you! You are beautiful no matter what your size, but it sounds like you will feel better about yourself in this journey. The clouds are a really great touch here and I like the sunny days ahead! Good luck, Laurel!
    I love your bright sunny layout and all the blended photos in the background. I am feeling that motivation to get in better shape myself. Good luck on your journey, it's sounds like you are off to an amazing start.
    Laurel, Wow. The photos blended into the background, the journal, the picture in the mirror, everything. And your journaling is wonderful. I'm so impressed! :D
    You go girl!! I totally identify with your journaling!! Gorgeous layout Laurel, love the mirror, the photos in the background-everything!!
    Wow! This is beautiful Laurel. I loved the photo blending, the colors you used, the overall feel of the page....and your journaling is lovely and inspiring! Good luck on your journey!
    Laurel, this is a fabulous layout. From one who has been struggling with my weight for the past 30 years, I can relate. Especially to the part about not seeing yourself in your mind as being overweight and it always being a shock when you see a photo of yourself. And then you realize that you are that person.

    I love the colors and the book style that you chose. And all of those images in the background are just wonderful and tell the whole story. Keep up the great work.
    Great job, Laurel. I really hope you are "the biggest loser"