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Clara May



Clara May

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Clara May Scott


her grandson

Cliffor Andrew scott


I may do a journaling page for this to explain that Clara May Scott was my paternal grandmother and the lad on her lap is my oldest brother. Also, the pink matt is actually the glass that is over the photo. The photo is so old that it is glued, almost etched into the glass, so I had to scan the photo, glass and all. :-)

    The pink mat looks very nice & goes well with the b&w photo. Serendipity, gotta love it!
    I like this collection and the journaling/title in the little frames down the side is kind of interesting.
    You got a good scan with the glass! Lovely photo, and your brother was a cutie. I like how you've hung the frame from the little chain. Nice work!
    Oh, Heather, this is fabulous! What an adorable photo, too. I love the postage stamp frames holding the journaling!