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Color My World

Journaling: "Today was a very interesting day. To start it off, both boys had to go to the doctor and get shots, which as you can probably guess, was no picnic. But as a reward for doing so well, Eli was excited to get his hair cut! So I took them both to the salon after we were done at the doctor, and they both sported new doís. And of course, being the mom that I am, I knew we had to do an impromptu photo shoot! So off we went to the Cajalco shopping center, where there is this really cool archway, and started shooting. It didnít take long for West to wisen up to the game, though, and he wouldnít look at the camera after that! But I think I managed to get a few good ones.

Itís always a gamble to see what kind of photos I can end up with when I take the boys out by myself. They have both had a camera in their faces since they were born, so they know the drill by now. And West is particularly at a stage where he just wants to run and explore and doesnít have time for silly things like standing still and smiling. So I suppose Iíll just have to work on my ninja photo skills a little more, or wait a few years until theyíre both ready to pose! Yeah Iíd better not hold my breath. Iíll start working on those ninja moves....."

This layout uses:

ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: 12x12 Double Spread (love these double spreads!)
Assemble Your Own: Alpha Strings Biggie - Black
Chainlink Embellishments
ScrapSimple Tools - Scripts: Supply Tracker 11101
ScrapSimple Tools - Scripts: Rename Layer 11101
ScrapSimple Tools - Scripts: File Save 2 11101
A Different Color Collection Mini

Thanks for looking!

Laurel :)

    Totally cute Laurel! and a dilema we all face. Thank goodness for digital! :)
    This is AWESOME - love the use of this collection for all the different layers. I WILL be scraplifting this someday...(with your permission, of course! ;) )
    Thanks Christy! And you're right -- thank goodness for digital! :D

    Of course, Karina, you're more than welcome to scraplift it. Have fun!
    Absolutely gorgeous boys! You did so good to catch the moments of tenderness! :winking_baby: The arches are amazing and I love the way you incorporated all the colors and textures! This is the kind of layout I want to do when I grow up!
    What!?! Your ninja photo skills are superb! Those photos are perfect. Love everything about it!
    Stunning photos and layout, Laurel! This has "pro" written all over it! I know from experience what you mean about the photography cooperation - and it can get worse. But for you, the teenage shut-down is a long way down the road!