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20080723 Stars in my Eyes

20080723 Stars in my Eyes

Journaling: Long before the birth of Photoshop, my father, a photographer, put stars in my eyes when he developed this photograph. Now that I am grown, and he is gone, he still puts stars in my eyes whenever I think of him.

Supply list in EXIF data. All supplies are Scrapgirls unless otherwise noted. Photoshop CS2.

    How sweet!! Love you journalling and photo. They are both so precious! Thanks for sharing. Love the B&W and the star dust. Great job.
    Breathtaking! Love the journaling, photo,and all the stars! NICELY DONE
    How precious! Absolutely love the photo and the journaling! :welldone4jb:
    What a beautiful and precious layout - thank you for sharing such a sweet and thoughtful memory.
    Stunning and absolutely precious!!
    Fantastic layout! I love the photo fading and the framed photo. The sentiment is superb! :-)

    This is so precious. I love the monotone color scheme. What wonderful journaling.
    What a beautiful memory! The large photo background with inset picture was a great photographers tool, but I had never seen stars developed in the eyes before this. He must have been truly gifted and a wonderful dad. Thanks for sharing!