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Loken Wedding



Loken Wedding

Loken Wedding

A new technique that I tried was to play with the warp grid on the bow. I wanted to make the top of it smaller, to fit into the birds beak. Not only did I do that, but I also made other areas of the bow, puffier.

Made with PSP X2, on a PC, with Win 7


BMU_Angel Dust

PWR_Fairy Story

KVE_Victorian Garden


ACA_Love Irrevocable


Word Art:


may hide the trees and the flowers

from the eyes but it cannot hide

Love from the soul.

-Kahlil Gibran

    Nice job on the bow, as well as the whole layout-it is beautiful! I really like the locket with the individual photos in it.
    Very nice job on the bow & I like the way some of the elements are so much brighter, especially the bouquet. The bird & butterflies are beautiful! What is the first word in the quote? I can't make it out on my monitor.
    Very lovely!
    Very lovely!
    Lovely heritage page, Heather. Isn't it fun trying out new techniques?
    So pretty! Nice job on the bow and I like the way you placed the bouquet of flowers. What an attractive couple. You are lucky to be able to scrap this! Love the photos in the locket and the gold edge around the paper.
    Very nice, Heather. I love your background. Karen
    Oh I love the bow on your locket and the fun way you stretched it out to suit your layout. Your bg photograph, as well as your individual ones are beautiful.
    I have to tell you... I'm thrilled to see this layout :) It's the first one (besides my own) that has a piece of Love Irrevocable included in it and shared in the gallery!! Yay :) Thanks!

    I love all the bits and pieces included in this layout to make it just right! Nice work :)