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20100223 First A Brother

20100223 First A Brother

As the mother of three little boys, many of my layouts are about brotherly love. This LO reflects how it has been a delight to see the relationship between my two "big boys" (ages 3 and 4) develop over time. They have gone from not having anything in common to being the best of friends.

Journaling reads: "First a brother, then a bother, now a friend." Author unknown.

Supply list in EXIF data. All supplies are Scrapgirls unless otherwise noted. Photoshop CS2.

    How true! Well, sometimes I think I am still working on the friend thing, but I understand the sentiment. Gorgeous colors! I like this very much - the brushwork, the scroll, the ink-blot effect....
    Very cute, and as Aggie said so true. Karen
    Great quote - I love the bursting sunshine!
    This is an adorable layout - I love the colors you used in it and the pictures and story about the boys are great. I really enjoyed seeing your layout.
    This is a stunning layout. Very creative. I love that quote.
    What exuberant expressions! I love the elaborate lettering and colors, really goes well with the picture!