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A Snapshot in Time

Here is a final version of a layout I did in a lot of variations! I did want to get a title on it, but couldn't fit it nicely on this page, so I may be doing another version. I had a lot of ideas during this one, so many that I was writing them down :-) It was fun to do. It is the only photo I have of my grandmother on the far right, who died not long after this was taken at my christening in 1951. The photographer in this picture is my great aunt and was my favorite person in the world. She avoided having her picture taken, ever! This picture was taken in her beautiful home, my first home. I included a hanky in homage to her; she included a hanky inside a greeting card for every occasion in my life. I do need to do another page to journal some of the info. The photo includes three grandparents, godparents and two uncles. All are gone beyond those gates now except for one, my godmother. They were all a big part of the family I grew up in.


Materials in EXIF. TFL!

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Wow, you used a lot of kits here. It is beautiful and such a wonderful memory, you should definitely do a facing page with all this journaling on it. The crocheted frame is pretty neat and I love the layering of papers and embellishments.

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Dot this is so beautiful and I love the story behind your photograph. The vintage feel of it along with the card is just fantastic. Love it.

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This is so pretty, and I love the colors you used. What special memories this picture invokes for you. I can see why you have a lot of variations.

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