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Granny loves chocolate kisses!

Granny loves chocolate kisses!

These are my grandsons from my daughter and her husband. The twins are the bottom two boys and that's their big brother at the top. There's 15 months between them and their big brother. The twins (fraternal) were preemies and such a handful, everyone moved into our house when they finally got to come home.

I loved the pictures of them eating chocolate cake, their poppa's favorite. They all have such distinctly different personalities, defined individualism, and yet they are a band of brothers. If one gets a lecture on what not to do the others cry, if one squeals with delight they all do, it's crazy!

I am a spoiled granny! I get to see most of my grandkids everyday. Sometimes they come hunting for us. Bed time is so much fun, they sneak out one at a time to come give us kisses, hugs and lovin before their mom or dad hunts them down and kisses them to sleep!

For this layout I used the denim and daisies biggie collection for the whole layout and Photoshop CS3. I played and played with this one, putting a ribbon behind the boys on a diagonal (from paper in collection), more words, all kinds of things. But ended up using a simpler and cleaner layout.

    This is such a fun layout. I've heard of taking a bath in chocolate but your dgs's really did it... LOVE it... Those photos say it all. Wonderful band you have there, can anyone join? :lol:
    Nice simple layout, clean, tells a story with the pictures. Love that your photo caught the joy on their faces.
    What fun! Great pics and I like the way you have them arranged.