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Layout for Ipod touch

Layout for Ipod touch

My kids got Ipod touches from "santa" this year. I was so enamored (sp)? with them that my DH got me one for Valentine's day.
I thought it would be phone to make some little layouts for them (next I'm going to make them for my phone).

For this one I used this month's Club


    Actually I thought it would be FUN, not PHONE LOL.
    :D Looks great Michelle! What a great idea.
    Cute and a neat idea! I like this kit and the way you've arranged the little wetland.
    Love it Michelle! :D
    Cute idea! Love your layout.
    Very cute love how you used those little rocks to line the pond!
    Phone and fun Michelle! I love it!
    hahaha how PHONE Michelle! Love the idea, and your layout is so sweet! Love the little froggie by the turtle on the lilly pad. Awesome.
    wow that is beautiful! Great idea for your iPod
    This is Gorgeous and Fabulous!