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Boo! Boo! Journaling



Boo! Boo! Journaling

Truck BooBoo!

Made with PSP X2, on a PC, with Win 7

I used several techniques from Ro's Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed. One that I used, was #19 - Text Effects, which I used to colour the outer frame of the photo matt.



KVE_TimeTraveler Biggie_Plus

PWR_TimeTraveler_WordArt Mini

SNU_WellTraveled Collection




Times New Roman

and AR Julian - for my word OUCH and the S, made to match with Snapshot.


Dear Diary

The snapshot of the truck in the background, was taken shortly

after it was purchased. Around a year later, the other two

photos were taken of a boo! boo!, that happened during an ice

storm in the northern States.

The traffic was moving slowly, because the roads had patches

of ice, although the ramps had been well enough groomed, that

they were not as bad.Ron could see a van on the ramp and that

it was approaching the highway too fast, for the road conditions.

Judging that it would exit the ramp in front of him, he took his

foot off the excellorator to slow down and allow more space.

The van came off the ramp, slipping across the first lane and

swerving into the second. He was right, when the van got to the

highway, it hit an ice patch and the driver lost control. Within a

split second, the van was spinning, causing it to slow down.

With icy roads, the brakes could not be applied to hard, or the

truck would jackknife and more vehicles would be involved.

There was no shoulder to drive onto and the lane beside him

had traffic in it, which was also trying to slow down. The van

spun to the side of the road, bounced off the bank, then hit Ron's

truck. He had moved to the left as far as he could, but it wasn't

far enough.

By the time ron got to the van, it was full of deployed airbags

and the navigator was calliing the police. The female driver

told him how it was her bosses van and she would be lucky to

keep her job when he got home. He wouldn't be happy that she

had wrote off his van and would have an insurance claim as

well to settle.

She said that she was babysitting her boss's house and dog,

while he was overseas. The week prior the dog gotten out and

she thought she had lost him - now this! She also complained

about how the airbags deploying had hurt her boobs.

Ron had six weeks off work because of this accident, with a very

small insurance from work, that doesn't pay one quarter of his

earnings. He never made an insurance claim, because he didn't

want the woman to lose her job, because of him.

The story goes on, but this page doesn't! However, there is a

moral to this story and it's this: Be very careful when driving in

bad weather. Just because the ramps aren't bad, doesn't mean

the road will be as good.

    I like how you flipped the sketch to use in in a double LO!
    Nice use of the embellishments in this layout, and I love the background. You must be happy with that sketch, too! Interesting journaling and what a story- scary stuff! Hope that it helped to write it.
    I love this story and everythign about this LO! Great Job!