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Sandi Carter Feb Swap Crop

TYO Mosiac Retreat (all elements from Feb Club unless specified)

ABL Feathered Friends Baby Bird Special

Title: Chopin Script, Dyspepsia and Francisco Lucas Briosca Fonts

Journaling: Cac Pinafore Font


Journaling on Layout: Changing seasons, the sun going down at night and then rising to a new day. So goes our lives. Sometimes its time to end a stage of life, to let the sun set on old things, ways, relationships, habits and attitudes. And in the night that follows the setting of the sun, there is rest and quiet and restoration of the spirit. And then comes dawn, sometimes creeping up on us with a slow transition, and at other times blazing forth, with blinding light in the new day.


This is one of the greatest things in my life-the acceptance of change, the welcome of the rest after a trying time, and the anticipation of a new day, the dawning of a new phase of my life. I am invigorated by the changes coming over me. I am filled with hope. I love most, these times of awakening after a time of struggle.


I copied the photo to enlarge it to 3333x4998 with Interpol script. Then ran Art Script on photo. Merged visible layers, made a new image of that photo, used Black and White Pencil Script on the new image. Copied the color Art Script and layered that over the B/W pencil. Used burn mode 100% and duplicated that layer to get the final result you see. When I put that on top of the background paper, I lowered the opacity and used hard copy so that the image would still show through and still have some background paper showing through as well.


I used the Wave Effect on the butterfly shadow to make it look like the wings were lifted a little.


© © Vaughnde

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Wow! I've spent a long time looking at this glorious LO! I love what you did with the background and have a few photos that I have to try your technique on, thankyou. I love the big fountain, against the big background that the framed photo, which I expect is the one that you expanded for the background. Wonderful! I love the placement of the journaling - lovely sentiment and words to live by. :-)

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I like the way you used the fountain paper and the scattering of waterlillies. Nice blending of the BG paper, great job V!

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Vaughnde what a beautiful layout you have created for Sandi! I love the blended photo, the water fountain paper with all the lillies AND I love Sandi's wonderful photo AND fantastic journaling!

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Another gorgeous layout, Vaughnde! I love the background and the journaling is amazing. Wonderful job and thanks for joining the swap! Sandi is going to love this!

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V, another lovely layout you have created. Love how you placed the water lily's on the fountain and made them seem like part of it. And that cute little frog and turtle. What a beautiful frame around the photo. Great job, as usual.

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