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Week 5 Jan 25-31

I am so far behind! Feeling overwhelmed with all the new years commitments I have made. It doesn't help when I was almost through creating week 6 and my Photoshop freaked out and I lost most of what I did :hit-head-with-hammer: . (will remember to hit that save button more often!)

Supplies are in the details

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Looks like a busy week with all your journalling. I like how you put the hearts around the main photo.

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I really like the way you've lined up all your photos in the middle and the way you've placed the circle of hearts. The slight angle of your main photo really punches it too! I've also noticed how you've shaped your journaling around the right of the circle. Very pleasing effect.

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Great job with the LO! I love that photo of the two of you and you emphasized it perfectly with that circle of hearts.

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i love love this layout! im glad that you finsihed it!


Dont give up on the challenge though. Remember that Project SG is about fun. Set a goal that is obtainable. and if you have a week or a month where your layouts are more vague, then they are. Just have fun!

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