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Hi Dad!


As far as I can remember, I've seen you in uniform. From early childhood, you had


that wonderful black Conductor uniform, with the vest that had a watch pocket.


Inside the watch pocket, was a beautiful gold watch, that you used for the correct


time. I used to sit on your lap and look at it and the fob that contained a sweet


photo of mom.


I can remember asking you what time it was and you would say, 'It's almost seven-


teen hundred hours'. When I asked what that means, your reply was, 'It's almost


supper time'. I really didn't understand for a long time about the twenty four hour


clock, but I did understand the supper time bit and would run out in the kitchen


to see what mom was up to. Of course, I would get to set the table. lol (lol means


that I'm laughing dad)


I can't find a photo of you in your Conductor Uniform that you wore when you were


on the passenger trains. I do have one of you in the caboose, wearing your greens


that you wore when you worked on the freight trains and I found one with you


wearing your Air Force uniform. There must be a photo here somewhere, with you


in your dress uniform and I will keep lookiing for it.


After you retired from the railway, I never expected to see you in uniform again. I


was starting to get used to seeing you in those greens that you enjoyed wearing so


much. You know what I'm talking about, the ones that mom kept threatening that


she would burn! I can't say as I blame her, because for the majority of your life you


were in a uniform of some kind and I might add, you looked good!


You can imagine my surprise when you hired on as a security guard at the hospital


and once again had a uniform to wear. I do have one photo of you in that uniform,


but it's not very good, so I'm hoping to be able to find another. That's two photos of


you that I'll be watching for.


Your watch may not keep the correct time any more, but it does invoke memories.


My oldest son, Roy, fell in love with it when he saw it, so I gave it to him. I know


that you wanted me to have it, but I didn't think that you would mind if I gave it


to Roy. This way, I can see it when I want and I know that it won't get lost in the


shuffle when I join you and mom. Please say hi to her when you see her! I loved


you both and still do. I think of you often.





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