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Dear Nana



Dear Nana

Dear Nana

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Hi Alicia,

Do you remember when you were about seven and I gave you some crafting supplies? There were

various items, including popsicle sticks, glitter and beads, as well as some glue, scissors and tape.

You made a little wishing well for me with the sticks and a friendship bracelet with the beads.

I know that you had a lot of fun with the craft items.

A couple of days after I gave you the craft supplies, you gave me the wonderful little gifts that you made for me. You also wrote me

a lovely thankyou note! The sweet little gifts that you made have disappeared over time, but I still have the note. There's still and little

glitter on it and the ink has faded but it is still legible. Whenever I look at it, I think of your tiny face, with that great big smile and

the fun you had crafting.

I remember the time, when you were older, that you came to visit and we made tufa walking stones. Remember

that garden gnome that we tried to make, but it turn into another stone? lol I still have it in my garden,

but it's all covered in snow right now. I still have the bird house that you put together and painted. I

was so happy that you asked if we could exchange birdhouses, because I have the one that you painted.

More sparkles! I keep it in my craft room with the decoupage doll that mom made for me and that funny

cat she made, that dangles a little red heart over a shelf.

I pray your future is filled with joy! Aim for the moon sweety, if you fall a little, you'll land on a star.

Your lovin Nana xoxoxo


Dear Nana

I hope you like the gift I made you. I made you a person (personal) angle (angel) with a wishing will (well) for good luck. Name the person any name you want. I now (know) you will like it. Thank-you for the beeds. I like them very much.

Yours Truly Love

    She is following in your footsteps Heather how wonderful. Lovely layout to remember this by. :)
    How sweet! I love that you included the text of her note to you.