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I dont know what to use for an embellishment, so I am looking for some serious cc here guys, I am new to scraping and very new to digital scraping... The card stock colour is orange but it looks red on here for some reason. I call this page Contentment. Should I add embellishments? I am at a loss there I am afraid so any suggestions to get me going, I have birthday pages to do as Jayden has turned 1 year old Feb 15th my love.

    Very cute! He is just adorable and I love that footprint in the sand.

    Here is how to get the traced line you asked about: Select the photo of Jayden and Trigger by CTRL Clicking on its layer. You should see a line of marching ants around it. Go to Edit, then to Stroke Outline (selection.) You will see a dialogue box. Click on the color there, then get the eye dropper and click on the color of the sand that you want for your outline. Choose inside (yes, it is counterintuitive) and then 10 for the size. Click OK and see if you like it. If it is too thick or too thin, hit Undo (don't you love digital?) and repeat but change the size.

    I wouldn't worry about the color appearance here unless you are only going to use it on the web. I am not sure about embellishments - but some experts on that should come along.
    First let me say how sweet the photo is! I do like how it has a jagged edge, and how you've placed it on the shore photo, and the compass embellishment. You're off to a great start!

    But since you're asking for help, I'll offer a few suggestions. Unless you're really married to the bright orange, you might try toning it down to a peachy color. That will keep it soft. As for embellishments, I'd pull the compass down to the lower left, and add a few beachy embellishments - like starfish, shells, etc. Cluster them together, overlapping a bit over each other and along the lower left and left bottom of the beach photo.

    Take a look at Valerie Randall's Beachin Collection - it has colors and elements like what I envision here.
    For an even softer look, you can look at Day at the Beach Collection Mini.
    Hi Heather, I like what you are going for here, but use PSP, so can't give you an info on how to but do agree with Elibar, that beachy looking embellishments would be purfect and toning the background colour to a peachy colour.

    I will mention that when you want help from the pros, post in the Help! I'm Stuck gallery, so they don't miss it.

    I am linking your layout to the Share the Love group and although we usually just say what we love about a layout, someone may be able to give you some advice. :-)
    Good Morning Heather! I like the start you've made with this as well. I was thinking maybe adding a net or something like a mesh as in one of the left hand side corners either top or bottom and that will help anchor the photo. I agree about toning down the orange :)
    You're off to a great start! When I first started digi-scrapping, I couldn't get the tattered blended photo effect you've got here. I also agree with the suggestion to use a lighter color since the subject of your LO is a nice cuddly baby! I'd also add a frame around the beach photo or blend the edges of the photo into the background. Either way will give you a nice effect. I'd love to see what you end up with! Don't forget to post your LO when you're done tweaking it!
    Hi Heather, I love your sweet photos and the beautiful footprint. Are you adding any title or journaling to this as well as the embellishments? I love Elisha's suggestions about the softer color and the elements you might add. You've got a great start here and I hope to see what you come up with as your finished project. :)
    You are off to a great start in your scrapping career! That's such a sweet picture. I think I'd like to see it a little larger, it kind of gets swallowed by the background shot. I agree with the previous posters about the orange, something lighter might be more effective. And how about playing around with the opacity of the foot print shot...reduce it a little so it is just a little transparent. And shells and nets would be wonderful embellishments...with a little journaling or word art.
    Oh my. love that foot print in the sand! You've gotten some great ideas and off to a creative start! Great job feathering and cropping the photo! Keep on, you off to a great start!
    I agree - some nice work here so far + a softer background shade & some beach embellies would be great. The footprint makes me think of the poem "Footprints in the Sand" sweet photo. :)
    Heather you have gotten some great advice SO I'll just add that I love the footprint AND what a precious photo of Jayden!