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We thank God...

We thank God...

for our dad to walk away from this accident. He walked away with only bruises and scratches! We were very blessed that day!

I wanted to add that I learned today from Brandy M. that one could put a texture style to a photo...duh. I used EHI Fabric Style 5401 along with a blending mode and it was just the look I wanted

    What a blessing that your dad was okay - looks like an awful accident - so sorry about the other driver

    Your texture on the photo looks great! I like the blending you did too
    Thank god is right. Your father was blessed that day. This is a beautifully scrapped LO. Love the blending of the different photo's into the background and the textures. Like the frame work on the other photo's as well.
    You did a wonderful job on this layout. I really like the texture and the blending you have done. You certainly told the story well here. And how blessed it turned out as it did.
    I am so Thankful with you Glorie that your dad was able to walk away. What a wonderful way to scrap this blessing!
    Wow! Great photos! I love the blending and the photo strip. The journaling is well done. I'm sorry for the other person but happy that your dad was okay. Nicely done layout! :-)
    Wow, Glorie, this is what you were talking about the other day? Oh I'm so glad he's okay, those photos are incredible. What a great layout you've created to tell the story and I love your texture on your bg. Angels surely were watching over him that day!
    Beautiful blending..love that style, another technique to add to my "try it' list.
    Oh Glorie, what a scary situation! I'm glad your father survived such a horrible accident. God is definitely our Protector. Your LO is very nice. The blending of photos on the background is superb. I especially like the softness around your father--kind of angelic. I also like the angel flying at the bottom.
    Great LO - & sad that the other man lost his life, but so glad your Dad was okay! Everything here works really well together. Nice job!
    Thank God is right! I'm so glad your dad was ok. It's sad for the other one those. This is a awesome LO!!