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Tok's Smile



Tok's Smile

Tok's Smile

Made with PSP 9, on a PC, with Win7



Font: Seven Swordsmen

    Cute, Heatheranne- I like the choice of papers, they match Tok's coat so well.
    I see a little OOB going on here too! What would we do without our puppers?? Tok is so lucky to have you, too!
    Beautiful layout, Heather. He really does look like he is smiling. I love the cream and dark green you've used in the background. The feather is a neat touch.
    Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image YEAH for TOK !!!!! What a beautiful "furpuppie". . . . . . .And I beleive Dog's SMILE. . . .Yup. . .Bear does and people think I make it up. . . . .Posted Image . . . . .I think it SHOWS how much their MOMMIES Posted Image 'um. . . . .I can I CAN TELL Tok's WELL LOVED !!!!!!

    Thanks for the current SMILE on my face Heatheranne !!!!!!!!!!!Posted Image Posted Image
    What a cutie! Love your layout and that's a million-dollar smile!
    What a beautiful smile!! I love the feathers and the staples...nice additions! Thanks for joining the challenge!!
    What a beautiful smile your furfriend has!! Nice job on this one!!
    Heatheranne, Tok has a happy smile - very cute layout - I can see why you talk about him a lot - he's definitely your baby and a good furbaby friend - sooo cute and he looks so loved - it shows!