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Dancing in the Rain


© 2010, Jeanette Delaplane

Dancing in the Rain

Here is one of those lucky shots of our son, Nick, dancing in the rain after a Cubscout meeting. The rain wasn't that heavy and didn't show up that much in the picture. So, I added a little more via Photoshop (cool technique by Corey Barker--Mr. Planet Photoshop) to capture the mood. Since this was still done with my old (pre-DSLR) camera, the DOF wasn't too good either. Again, Photoshop to the rescue to add a bit more DOF. The only embellishment added was a frame by Julie Mead (FYB_frame_grunge1_juliemead).

    What a great photo! It really conveys the joy he was feeling at the time! Super!
    love the photo... and the special effects... love the mood of it and the how the cub scout colors work with the grey rainy mood
    You certainly captured the spirit of a little boy enjoying the rain in this photo. The subtle enhancing to the photo adds just the right touch to make this a winner.