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I Am Human


Rozanne Paxman

I Am Human

Yowzers! I haven't uploaded any layouts since Christmas! Better get going, huh?

    I think we all feel this way sometimes. Other times I feel like an alien and have to remind myself I am human and it's normal to feel abnormal sometimes. At least I think it is... lol

    I like the multiple photos, and how the black and white bg and embellishments compliment your attire.
    What an interesting layout. Fantastic journaling/poetry. Great philosophy! Love that you used black lace on this page. The page is so striking and pretty and BTW, I think you look great in these pictures!
    I love this LO, and your muse in the newsletter. We all need to remember that we are simply human with all the wonder, talents, and yes failings that go with that. You have such a wonderful way of expressing these things.
    Happen to run across this tonight. I so love this Ro!! The layout, your journaling. Always love good "food for thought"! You have such a gift for words!