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Rozanne Paxman


Another layout about Julianne. Of course. Can't help myself. I took the photos at IKEA about a year ago.

    This is really beautiful!
    I like the way the small photos are nestled into the foliage...really pretty!
    love all the crushed leaves & groupings. pretty page for a pretty girl!
    I agree with the other ladies here. Love the photos in frames nestled in the foliage. BTW I enjoyed your muse in the NL today. I am human. Karen
    This is probably one of my favorites that you've done. And I've put it in my favorites. Love the vines and crushed leaves. Just gorgeous!
    Lovely page and girl! No wonder you had to do this page :-) I love looking at this layout! It's so pulled together and appealing in every way.
    Beautiful page, Ro. You worked all those darling photos in, and still made the page look so clean and appealing. Your daughter is lovely.
    Wow! I love this layout! Clustering the main photo with the string of photos and embellishments looks totally awesome. :-)
    Simply beautiful!
    Julianne is simply lovely - what a lucky Mom you are and what a lucky daughter Julianne is!