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aged truck

aged truck

Just an old roadside truck

    Neat photo, and I like the quote you used with it. Looks great.
    Oh my word. . .What a WONDERFUL layout you have created. . . .hmmmmmm I think I love a tee with that quote printed on it !!!!Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

    What?????? I THINK it works for PEOPLE TOO !!!!!!!
    Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

    Keep up the wonderful creations. . . .I'll be peek'n back to check on YOU. . . . . . . .Posted Image
    Yes I would LOVE a Tshirt with this written on as well Debi :giggle_bear:

    You must put these is a book Kathy they are just fabulous :) and your photography is stunning and so natural. I love how you make the ordinary --extroidinary
    This is wonderful. You turned an old truck into a work of art. And, of course, I have to love the quote you used.
    Beautiful. Never thought I'd say that about an old truck. Karen
    You've created an elegant layout from a common scene - which took an uncommonly attentive eye. I love the way you faded the alpha to allow the grass to show through. And I enthusiastically support your title!