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Siggy for Melanie

Siggy for Melanie

Since I'm not sure if I'll be able to make the chat and I have a tendency to forget things sometimes, I wanted to get this up here while it was still in the forefront of my mind.

Hope you like it Melanie!

ok ... I forgot to include this info before ...

I used

Brandy Hackman's Abstract Expressionism Collection
Valarie Randall's Batik Colleciton
and a style that I can't remember ... was one of the metal styles I think. I stupidly didn't save the psd file so I can't go back and look at it so sorry I can't give proper credit!

    I love it!!
    Great animation!!
    Great siggie. I have no doubt she'll love it.
    Denise, it is awesome!! I have never had an animated siggy before!
    Awesome job!!!! Love the animation too!
    Love the animation on this. Someday I'll learn how to do that. Love the flowers and butterflies. Great job.
    Awwwwwwwwwww I love the blinie siggie! I wanna learn how to do this! It's amazing Denise! WOW, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it... YOU ROCK!
    Love this siggie! I know Melanie will too.
    Wow! An animated siggie - how wonderful! I love the flowers growing, with the butterflies and name popping up. Great colours too. :-)
    Yowzers! Great siggy!