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Siggy for Ann



Siggy for Ann

I hope you like it Ann. But believe me, I won't be offended at all if you don't! Hugz!

I used Bees Knees Cluster Collection
AYO_Bees Knees_Zoom

    I like Di!! nothing at all tells me she will not like this! Very pretty!
    It's lovely. I am sure she will love it.
    It is so nice! You did a beautiful job.
    Di, you did a beautiful job with Ann's siggie - I know she will love it - it is delicate and so sweet. I like, I like, I like.
    Very nicely done
    Di, you did a great job here. It's is really lovely.
    Very very pretty Di, I love the collection you used for Ann's siggie, it's so wonderful.
    It's just fabulous, Di! Thanks so much, you really did a great job!
    I know Ann is going to love this one! Great collection.
    Beautiful siggie. I love the spring colours and the airy appearance. Wonderful embellishments. :-)