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The Woman Taken in Adultery

The Woman Taken in Adultery

The sermon last weekend made this story so vivid, I had to make a layout. This is the moment when the crowd surprises Jesus as he is teaching and lays a trap for him.

The layout took a very long time. The Bees Knees window made a perfect temple arcade and as you can see from my supply list, I edited a lot of things.

I used: AWI_AwaitingChristmas_Paper: Cream_Solid, Gold, Red; AWI_Gaia_12x12_Green_Circles; BMU_BeesKnees_Paper_Window (stretched); Meredeth Fenwick, 2Peas-mfen-eifaraway-offwhite; Scrapbook Flair sugarplum_vintagegarden_No2; SG_Dec2009_Set1_Emb_AMC_Menorah; TCS_BeautifulLife_Emb_GoldScrap (color adjusted); TCS_CreativeCat_Emb_CatSit (color adjusted); TYO_MosaicRetreat_Emb_Spl2; VRA_GoldSilver_Paper_12x12_Plain-Gold (color adjusted)

    Wow! It looks amazing!
    Awesome job on this layout!
    This is such a cool idea.
    Wow, Aggie - your labors are evident here. Such a fabulous illustration of the story.
    Yay! Another awesome Biblical layout. I love these. Your use of shadows is just enough to give it a 3-D feel. I love this story because of what Jesus tells the woman at the end. Justice and mercy can reign as One!
    Wow! I love this! It's amazing how the little bits and pieces all come together with your illustrations and make such an awesome layout. :-)
    Wow, Aggie, this is really cool. I can tell you put a lot of work into this. Karen