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Kiss the Cook

Kiss the Cook

I've been making my parents a 2010 calendar and I have only delivered four months to them. I am almost finished. Just 3 more months to go. This is one of my favorites. Santa Claus left my DD a kitchen set and a chef's outfit. It's been great fun having someone give me private cooking lessons.

I used:
AWI SS Clean and Simple Calendar template
BMU Bon Appetite Collection
BMU MegaLift Shadow Action

Thanks for looking!

    What cute pictures, I love her outfit -so colorful. I like the red and green on tan of the layout. The calendar part is also great - I like the way you have the pots and pans hanging from the day bar. Really nice layout!
    Don't ya love this calendar template of Ariadna's. I also made this one up and it was very popular with all the people who received it. They are neat photos and I really like how you have the pans sketched in like that. Great LO.
    Love your calendar page - something else on my agenda that only has two months done on it. I am sure yours is loved and appreciated - great job!
    Awwwwwww I love your pans and the cutting rounds on your day page....so cool, and your dd's photos are so sweet! Maybe she'll become a chef one day! She looks like she does a great job with the cooking! ;) I love the collection you used, with the fun green and reds and the beautiful tan color with the swirls. Cool calendar page!
    How sweet, Rose Ann! I love the papers you chose and the colors work really well with the photos.
    Very cute photos. I love the way this calendar page looks. I'm sure your parents will love it.
    Awww, what a fantastic layout!! Love the photos with the cooking images.
    What a great calendar page. Love the pics (she's so cute) and the pots hanging on the calendar grid. Nice job!