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Help Topic: Posting

When making a post, you will have the option to add various types of formatting to your messages. 

Rich Text Editor
The Rich Text Editor (RTE) is a WYSIWYG editor, similar to WordPad. Instead of seeing the bits of BB Code, you'll see how the post will look when it's finally posted, like a live preview. You can take advantage of the RTE if you have Internet Explorer 6 or higher, or Firefox 1.5 or higher.

The Toolbar
From left to right by top row then bottom row:

  • Standard Editor/RTE Toggle: This button will switch between the Standard Editor and the RTE. You can also change this setting via "My Controls"
  • Remove Format: This will remove all formatting from the post.
  • Special BBCode: This box will allow you to insert items such as Topic Links, Post Links, and other Custom BB Code that the Admin allows. See the BB Code Help for further information on what these objects will look like.
  • Font: This will allow you to choose the style for your font. 
  • Size: In this box, you can choose from seven different sizes for your fonts.
  • Text Color: This box will display a list of several colors in which to apply to your text.
  • Emoticons: The button with the smiley icon will display a listing of all the emoticons for the board, and allow you to insert them into the post.
  • My Media: Allows you to quickly add your gallery images to your post.
  • Find/Replace: Allows you to quickly edit your post.
  • Undo and Redo: These two arrows will undo or redo your last action.
  • Copy/Paste: Allows you to add text into your post from other places.
  • Entry box size buttons: Here, you can increase or decrease the size of the post box, giving you more or less room to work.
  • Styling Buttons: Bold, italic, and underline respectively, which will apply said styling to your selected text.
  • Bullets: These two buttons will let you create ordered (ie. numbered) or unordered (ie. bulleted) lists.
  • Outdent/Indent: These two buttons will let you indent your text to the right, or outdent it back to the left.
  • Text Alignment Buttons: These buttons will let you choose left, center, right, or justified alignment for the selected text.

Post Options

Clicking the grey "More Reply Options" box at the bottom of the post will give you additional options.

  • Enable emoticons? if this is unchecked, then any text that would normally be converted into an emoticon will not be.
  • Enable signature? allows you to choose whether or not you would like your signature to appear on that individual post.
  • Enable HTML? allows HTML parsing for this post.