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Help Topic: Using the Gallery

The gallery can be used to upload images you wish to share with the community. To access it, click the "Gallery" tab at the top of any page.

Gallery Home Page
The gallery has two areas: Categories and Albums. Categories are the images shown on the main screen of the gallery and Albums are the subcategories within the categories.  Scrap Girls will create the categories that you can upload images into, and in most cases create the albums within.  In some categories you have permission to create your own albums.  

Viewing Categories and Albums
In each category or album you will see a featured image that the category/album contains. You can click on the image to open the category or album and there you will see thumbnails of all the images it contains.  You can use the page feature if the album contains multiple pages. 


Viewing the Latest Gallery Images

For a full tutorial on how to view the most recent content in the gallery check here: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/topic/60629-how-to-view-the-latest-gallery-images/


Sorting Images in a Category or Album
When viewing a category you can change the sort options at the bottom of the screen. When viewing an album, you can select the order to sort the images in at the top of the screen. Your sort selection will be carried over for each page you click until you leave the album.


Viewing Images

To see the full-size of any image simply click on the image. To the side of the image, you will see more information about the image such as who uploaded it, when they uploaded it, how many views the image has.


Below the image you will see a photostrip of other images in the category or album, which you can use to quickly jump to those images. You can cycle through these images by clicking the < and > buttons to the left and right of the photostrip, or you can start a slide show. 


Saving and Viewing Your Galley Favorites

To add an image to your list of favorites, when viewing an image click the 'Favorite' button.

To remove an image from your favorites go to your 'My Controls' page, and click 'Your Favorites'. Click the remove image button next to any image you wish to remove. Additionally, you can bulk download all of the images in your favorites list from this page.


A full tutorial showing how this is done can be found here: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/topic/60609-how-to-save-and-view-gallery-favorites/


Searching for an Image
On the Gallery home page, you can search for an image by typing in the text you wish to search for in the box at the top of the page. You can search in captions and descriptions for the text you specify.


Sharing Images
Below the image, you will have several options to share it with others, such as Facebook, Email, or Twitter.

Embed Images
Each image has unique HTML and BBCode embed links for you to embed them on your website or within the forums. To display these, click on the "Options" drop down, and then click on "Share Links"

At the bottom of the image's page, you will see any existing comments on the image. You can add a comment by pressing the "Add Comment" button, and you can use the "Reply" and "Multiquote" links, and the Fast Reply box, just like in the forums.