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Help Topic: Navigating Categories, Topics and Posts


When visiting the main page of the forum, you will be presented with a list of categories (shown in a purple bar). You can choose to hide any category by pressing the "-" button on the right-hand side of the purple bar.  The "+" button will make the category visible again. If hidden, such categories, and the forums inside them, will be collapsed and no longer shown to you when visiting the board index.


Within each category there are a list of topics.  Topics that appear in bold are places where you have unread posts. 


Some topics have subtopics under them to better organize the information.  For example, the Topic "Software" includes Subtopics for the different types of softwares that digital scrapbookers commonly use. 


There may be more than one page of topics, if this is the case, you will see an option to "Load More Topics" at the bottom of the list of topics. There will also be page numbers to the left of this button.


Special Types of Topics
- A blue bullet point next to a topic indicates an "Announcement" - Announements are not regular topics, because members cannot reply to them. They are simply important news or information which should be read.

- The word "HOT" next to a topic indicates a hot topic which has many members participating and replying.

- A lock next to a topic indicates that a topic has been locked, and can no longer be replied to.

To add a new topic, press the purple "Start New Topic" button. 

To enter a topic, click on its name.


Bonus Tip! To preview a topic (to see what's in it without opening it) there is a black circle with a down arrow in it that can be found to the right of the topic next to the reply and view count.  Click on that arrow to open a preview of the topic.

Sorting Options for Topics

There are several options for how you can sort the topics, which can be found on the top purple bar once you have opened the topic.  You may choose to sort by "Recently Updated" "Start Date" "Most Replies" and "Most Viewed" or you can build a custom sort.

To customize the way topics are displayed, you can use the following sorting options:

  • Show type - this allows you to only display certain types of topics such as polls or topics that you have posted in.
  • Sort by - this allows you to change the way topics are ordered. By default topics are ordered with the topics that have most recently had replies first, but you can choose to sort by other factors such as the number of replies or alphabetically.
  • Sort direction - this allows you to set which way you want to sort for the setting above. For example if you set "Sort by" to be "Replies", choosing "A-Z" for this setting will show the topics that have no replies first, whereas choosing "Z-A" will show the topics with the most replies first.
  • Time frame - this allows you to limit the topics that are shown to only topics that have been made within a certain amount of time.

To the side of each post there will be information about the user. 


To view a user's profile information at a glance, simply hover your mouse over their username. Their profile card will display, showing you various profile information without having to leave the topic.  If you wish to view their full profile page, simply click on their user name.


On their member card, you can also click on the option to view that user's content and click on the picture icon at the bottom to view that users gallery. 


Replying to a Post
To add a post to the topic, simply scroll to the bottom of the page, and start typing in the reply box. 

To quote another post in your reply, go to the post you would like to quote and click the Quote button beneath a post, which will start a new reply box with the previous post quote at the top.  


Multiquote is used when you want to quote more than one post in your reply. Select the Multiquote button underneath the posts you want to quote, and you will notice that the button will change color. At the bottom of the page, you will notice an informational box appear with the total number of posts you have added to multiquote. You can multiquote from different pages in a topic, or even different topics in the forum. When you are ready to post a reply with the posts you have quoted, simply click the "Quote Posts Add Reply" button.


To include a link in your post follow this tutorial: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/topic/60634-how-to-post-links-in-the-forum/


To include an image in your post follow this tutorial: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/topic/60607-how-to-post-images-in-the-forum/

Editing or Deleting your Post
Once you have hit "Post" and your post appears in the thread, you will have the option to edit or delete your post using the "Edit" and "Delete" buttons that appear at the bottom of your post.  A full tutorial on how to edit a post can be found here: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/topic/60608-how-to-edit-your-forum-posts/


Sharing Topics on Social Media or via Email
At the bottom of each topic you will see several icons for most of the large social media channels.  These links that allow you to email the topic to someone else, share a topic on Twitter, post it to Facebook, print the topic, or download and save the topic. Simply press the appropriate link and follow the on-screen instructions.