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  • Boatlady

    I'm heading up to visit with the kids & grandchildren and get my  new computer (tomorrow). SIL is going to help me set it up...I'm so excited.

  • MariJ

    I’m stuck in Newark airport.  Which is actually where I started out 8 ½ hours ago.  Delay. Delay again. On plane sat an hour.  Moved toward runway sat another hour.    Then pilot announced route to Rochester closed due to weather.   Awhile later they found another route but it was lower and longer so we didn’t have enough fuel.  Plus they were receiving notifications about our plane so it needed to be serviced.   So that flight was cancelled and all the rest tonight and tomorrow are full. So now they are bussing all of us to Rochester and the bus won’t get here til 9:30 pm. A 5 hour drive so we should be in around 3am or so......   I won’t even tell you about the outside walking and ramps and stairs to get to a bus to get to the plane in the first place. And then do it all again to come back..  Meanwhile the website announced us as landed in Rochester!I hope I get there by 4:30 tomorrow for the wedding.    

  • Boatlady

    My new Dell laptop is on order...fast and it has 1 TB of memory so that should last awhile. I have to wait till the 22 or later to get it. Then all the transfer. I'm excited.

  • A-M

    I have been unwell the last couple of days but this afternoon I felt inspired to create some challenge pages and I am pleased with myself in finishing 3 this afternoon.

  • alsoarty

    Ok... I need time out.....  I just told my sister that I am going into my ‘fridge tomorrow to DELETE stuff out of it - - I think I need a rest. Hahahah


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