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  • alsoarty

    Please pray for my little sister. They were driving down. To me, and her hubby fell asleep. It was a high speed rollover, my sister was ejected, and has major facial and head trauma. Her hubby has a fractured neck and is in Cedar city hospital for a few days. She’s unresponsive, and they have her ventolated, and under sedation. She looks awful. Also a small punctured lung. I’ve just seen her, being airlifted away. My poor little sister.

    update: she was airlifted to Salt Lake City, her facial injuries are vast, and the bleeding on her brain won’t stop. She’s still unresponsive.

  • mimes1

    Erinn passed her EMT Final tonight.  We are very excited for her.  She is on her way!

  • angleigh

    First full day of summer break for the it too early to ask if it's time for them to go back to school yet?


  • ladyscrapalot

    Going to a Gastroenterologist today. Without giving tmi I’ve been having bathroom issues for the past 3 months. Trying not to be all doom and gloom but it ain’t easy. Getting old  is for the birds. 😏

  • Becster

    Outta here tomorrow morning! Heading to Gatlinburg, TN for three nights for our 43rd anniversary! Play nice! ;)


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