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  • Marie-Christine

    Just noticed that Geraldine (Dady) has been chosen in the Gallery Standouts for her Thankful page she made. Tres belle page Geraldine :lovey-smilie:

  • DixieLee

    Guess What??? After driving 25 miles down a country road this afternoon I found a little grocery store at the end of a road and it had several bags of CANDY CORN!!!  My favorite! Now I am so happy eating my candy corn- YAY!!! Simple pleasures!

  • A-M

    Project Life participators... for those who like to use the photo prompts, I am sorry to be late in sharing this months. You can find both November and December HERE

  • alsoarty

    Waaahhhh can you hear me cry? My Wacom is not working..... the lights don't even go on when I plug it in. I contacted Wacom. did everything they said... now waiting to hear back from them. My hand already hurts from pushing this mouse around. No, I do not need this!

  • Boatlady

    Well I hoped the day would never come but we have a young alligator in the pond. Waiting for them to come catch it to move it, kids and animals here. According to the originals around the pond it's been 10 years since one have been here.

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