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  • Belle  »  Ande43

    Congrats on your winning layout. It's beautiful.

  • Susie Roberts

    Just completed the first week of my husband's cancer treatment with 5 to go! This was a pretty bad week as it was chemo and radiotherapy combined. So I'm hoping he has a better 3 weeks ahead before we start another round of chemo! What an awful way to have to cure something! I'm grateful for good healthcare though! Wish me luck in the weeks ahead!

  • DixieLee

    Earlier this year I could not order anything from the boutique because my computer would not log on, I gave up, but then today I was so happy that it worked! yay! Now I can enjoy using my new purchases.

  • ladyscrapalot

    Finally getting to play with my new toy! I bought a refurbished Epson scanner that scans slides. It’s not the best and I’ll have to adjust the colors but I’m so excited y’all! There’s a photo of me trying to blow into my sister’s flute and another at Christmas time (I’m probably not quite one) and my mom looks so happy. I can scan 4 slides at a time but it’s a bit slow. Maybe this will inspire me to scrap. 

  • Mikelle

    Lots of green in the gallery right now!

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