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  • alsoarty

    My Kidney is still not healthy - back into surgery again tomorrow. UGH! Why don't they take it out?

  • CRS

    So, my 8th grader is taking a graphic arts class after school once a week for 8 weeks. Yesterday was the first day and she had a great time. Can you guess the software they used? Yup, Photoshop! They learned to put a photo inside text...She may be hooked like her mom!

  • mimes1

    I guess I've been away too long, having just discovered collections that I bought last October and November, and a couple of clubs, in my download folder and not yet unzipped and filed!  Looks like I'll have some fun over the weekend playing with new goodies!

  • A-M

    Attention Project Life participators : I have updated the chart which you can find HERE

    I will be busy doing other things the next few days preparing for grandchildren coming to stay. I will update again early next week if new people continue to join. 

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