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  • SodScrap

    🎄 Christmas card and gift ideas needed, check the thread  HERE.  🎄

  • Dady

    Seeing that Susie and Conda had no problem with the update of MacMojave, I decided yesterday to install it and horror I could not use either the keyboard or the mouse 😫, I finally understood in installing a mouse with wire that came from "bluetooth not available.
    I tried a lot of maneuvers to repair but without success, I'll have to bring my mac in an Apple store.
    So far I was a Windows user and since July of this year, I switched to Mac to avoid all the problems of Windows update I wonder if I was right ☹️

  • angleigh

    First big winter storm of the season.  We have a blizzard warning out for the day.  Started to snow and it's blowing ...will accumulate fast.  I think we are suppose to get about 4-6 inches just north of us (like 15min) they were calling for a foot.

  • Marie-Christine

    I'm back on line, not sure for how long, it took patience and determination but my computer did power up. Dell said it is definitely power supply, and present itselfs as an intermittant problem till it stops. I have sourced a replacement and copied all my presets,(brushes, styles, etc) onto my EH. All my stuff is backed up so no worries, I'm not going to switch off my pc and have switched off sleep mode so I can use it. Odd really, because when I got in work yesterday i have been given a brand new pc and we are signed up to all apps on CC, which I have to use when working from home, which is every week. :). 


  • Marie-Christine

    My pc has decided to STOP, nada, nothing, power supply unit has malfunctioned.  I can get a refurbished power supply unit but I don't know how reliable it is. Has anyone had similar problem and did you end up buying a new pc or just bought a new refurbished part, the part if of course a lot cheaper but is it any good, how long is a piece of string type of question.

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