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  • Boatlady

    House guest left today so we have peace and quiet till Friday when our daughter and family arrive.

  • jenrou

    The layouts are works of art! Way to go! :)

  • Susie Roberts

    Had good news again today that my husband won't have to have surgery—only chemo and radiotherapy! Such a relief as the surgery would have been permanently life-changing! So happy right now! We expect he will make a full recovery.

  • alsoarty

    2 deaths in my family this week. Monday a dear in-law passed, and last night my Aunt Miemie passed. 

  • Susie Roberts

    Just had a particularly stressful week, which saw my husband diagnosed with cancer. When he went to hospital today for a procedure, to determine if it had spread, he collapsed on the floor, which resulted in a Code Blue and within ten seconds he was surrounded by approx 15 emergency staff. Luckily he was just dehydrated and had low blood pressure. He ended up having the procedure and it was good news! It hasn't spread but he will need chemo, radiotherapy and possibly surgery. So I might be a bit absent from time to time over the next few months but I'm grateful for small mercies right now! :)

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