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  • SodScrap

    Don't miss out on the new Recipe Swap!  Details HERE, recipes due Thursday.  (1/31)

  • ladyscrapalot

    I've been working on my photoshop lessons and on Monday I started a free online 6 week course on genealogy. (what was I thinking?) Now if I could just find a course on finding my digi mojo. 😕

  • angleigh

    Ok..winter can be over.  I'm so tired of the snow and ice.  And not to even talk about the snow days the kids will have to make up in spring.  So far 4, I know it doesn't seem like much but we usually have 1 or 2 tops

  • Marie-Christine

    I'm having a rough time of it, I spend Sunday evening in A&E and after more tests on Monday I was diagnosed with IBD a remnant of the norovirus I had a couple of weeks ago. I've been told to rest and slowly introduce bland food again and it should settle down, does anyone else suffer from IBD?

  • A-M

    We are having some very very hot days so it is nice and refreshing to come here and see all those lovely COLD pages appearing in the gallery. 

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