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  • AggieB

    Eye exam today and my eyes are still dilated. A whole day off work & I can't stay on the computer more than a few minutes at a time. Bummer. And I definitely can't go outside into the sunshine. Pouting here.

  • angleigh

    First success of the day, I was able to upload new banners in the store and front page of the site using my notes I took.  :D

  • April Showers

    I didn't really want a new car, but since I totaled mine today, I suppose I'm getting one. And we're all just fine. Missed my workout though.


  • SodScrap

    The wedding was beautiful!!  Picked up my new truck this morning. :)  I am exhausted!!!

  • MariJ

    When I type something in the new forum or gallery and hit "return" for a new line it double spaces - making for LOTS of lines and space, especially when posting layout credits.   Quite by accident I just found out if I hit "shift" along with return - it only goes one line.  Yay!  

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