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  • Susie Roberts

    Just had a particularly stressful week, which saw my husband diagnosed with cancer. When he went to hospital today for a procedure, to determine if it had spread, he collapsed on the floor, which resulted in a Code Blue and within ten seconds he was surrounded by approx 15 emergency staff. Luckily he was just dehydrated and had low blood pressure. He ended up having the procedure and it was good news! It hasn't spread but he will need chemo, radiotherapy and possibly surgery. So I might be a bit absent from time to time over the next few months but I'm grateful for small mercies right now! :)

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    Project Life Participators -  the charts have been updated and you can find them HERE

    There are still some who signed up that have not yet shared anything for January and if they do not they will miss out on the yearly prize draw. 

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  • lorac

    I spot Butterflies in the boutique. Watch out, I'm going to get them. They're all mine.

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