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  • SodScrap

    My new laptop is set up.  NOW it's time to scrap!!

  • A-M

    My husband and I are heading off tomorrow for a little 3 night holiday to a town west of us over the mountain range where we may experience a little bit of snow or at least heavy frosts. We are staying in an historic home so I hope to take lots of photos. I will not have internet while away.

  • Boatlady

    I will be MIA for a week or so. We are leaving for a trip over to a very pretty harbor on Long Island with a huge fireworks show. I will catch up when I get back.

  • Boatlady

    I'm so excited because I will be meeting Andrea tomorrow. She is coming to visit us on the boat. I'm sure we will have a fun day.

  • Boatlady

    Whew we are back at the dock early because storms are on their way...foggy ride but calm seas. I will be catching up soon. Gallery looks full of wonderful treasures.

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