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    Northwest Alaska...loving life on the Last Frontier!

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  1. Happy Birthday - hope you are having a wonderful day! Haven't seen you in ages!

  2. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas (a bit late) to my SG friends. Miss being here, but life is full. Still scrapping occasionally.

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    2. tinkerbell11


      I was just thinking of you the other day Debbie! I hope all is well with your family!

    3. CRS


      So glad you checked in! Merry Christmas!

    4. Cheri T

      Cheri T

      I was just thinking of you the other day - good to see you around for a moment:) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Debbie!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all my SG friends!!!

    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      ... and to you, too!

    2. AggieB


      Back at you - good to see you this morning.

  4. Syndee...you've outdone yourself on this month's SG Club. Extraordinary!

    1. mbc72


      Hi, great to see you on the site! Hope all is going well with you.

    2. teecee


      Hi Debbie! Glad you stopped by - we've missed you!

    3. Syndee


      Awwww... Thanks so much! So glad to see your bright face on here!


  5. What a lovely page, Joyce. The style and colors are so charming. Your wedding pics are precious. What a dashing couple! I haven't been around much in the last while. I'm so sorry to hear that your husband died. The years you spent together must be full of so many memories. Thanks for sharing a few.
  6. Absolutely GORGEOUS, Durin. Love the casually patriotic, comfy-cozy feel of it!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!

  8. Hey there, Debbie - Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day. Chocolate is good, too.

  9. Happy Birthday Debbie. Hope you have a super wonderful birthday today and lots of chocolate.

  10. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  11. Happy Birthday Debbie! Enjoy your special day today!

  12. Happy Birthday Debbie! :)

  13. Can't wait to see the new club coming out tonight!!! WOO HOO!

  14. So here we are WAY up north with a hi temp to day of 49 degrees (F) ABOVE ZERO. That is NOT a January temperature. We're not happy here.

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    2. alsoarty


      LOL so unusual weather we are habing. Doesn't it say in Revelations that in the last days the weather will be confused, or something like that?


    3. AmandaFace
    4. BetC


      Haha - we're not too happy with your temps. Let's trade!

  15. Why is it that when our kids are in a competition, I'm the one who gets nervous? DD1 is defending champion at the district Spelling Bee tonight. <>

    1. luckyladybug


      Congratulations, and Good luck!

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