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  1. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas (a bit late) to my SG friends. Miss being here, but life is full. Still scrapping occasionally.

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    2. tinkerbell11


      I was just thinking of you the other day Debbie! I hope all is well with your family!

    3. CRS


      So glad you checked in! Merry Christmas!

    4. Cheri T

      Cheri T

      I was just thinking of you the other day - good to see you around for a moment:) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Debbie!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all my SG friends!!!

    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      ... and to you, too!

    2. AggieB


      Back at you - good to see you this morning.

  3. Syndee...you've outdone yourself on this month's SG Club. Extraordinary!

    1. mbc72


      Hi, great to see you on the site! Hope all is going well with you.

    2. teecee


      Hi Debbie! Glad you stopped by - we've missed you!

    3. Syndee


      Awwww... Thanks so much! So glad to see your bright face on here!


  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS, Durin. Love the casually patriotic, comfy-cozy feel of it!

  5. Can't wait to see the new club coming out tonight!!! WOO HOO!

  6. So here we are WAY up north with a hi temp to day of 49 degrees (F) ABOVE ZERO. That is NOT a January temperature. We're not happy here.

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    2. alsoarty


      LOL so unusual weather we are habing. Doesn't it say in Revelations that in the last days the weather will be confused, or something like that?


    3. AmandaFace
    4. BetC


      Haha - we're not too happy with your temps. Let's trade!

  7. Why is it that when our kids are in a competition, I'm the one who gets nervous? DD1 is defending champion at the district Spelling Bee tonight. <>

    1. luckyladybug


      Congratulations, and Good luck!

  8. Happily working on my new MacBook Pro! Now to get everything migrated over to it from the old one…and pass the old one on to the girls. Everyone is excited about this!!! WOO HOO!

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    2. Sensiwoman


      I started working with a Mac last year !! It's quite a difference when you are used to a Windows PC, but it's a lot of fun for sure !! Enjoy your MacBook !!

    3. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Congratulations on the new computer! Very exciting!

    4. alsoarty


      Fabulous! I have a new one as well, and I love it. The store transferred all my stuff over for me, so that was a bonus.

  9. DH just got my computer running nicely again. Just in time to hand it down to our DDs. My new laptop comes MONDAY!!! Happy New Year to me!!!

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    2. AggieB


      Oh, how exciting!

    3. Terri M

      Terri M

      Don't you just love the feel of a new computer under your hands? Some people shop for shoes -- give me technology! :-)

    4. April Showers
  10. Haven't been around much lately. Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the very cold north (-15 F/-35 F with windchill!).

    1. luckyladybug


      Hoping your holidays were Merry and Bright! :)

  11. WOW! I'm just stopping in to say "Hi" and the whole world looks different here. Looks dress and new while still feeling like ScrapGirls!

  12. Can't get my LO to right resolution for posting. I need PSE 11 help!!! http://scrapgirls.net/forum/topic/60375-changing-dpi-in-pse-11/

    1. MLLatscrapgirls


      I use the Save for Web command. Put your largest dimension at 600 pixels. Be sure to close your original without saving it. Then open the new jpeg version and add your file info. (If you did that in all three boxes earlier, it will show up and you can copy it into the other boxes.) Hope that helps - I don't do it the manual way.

    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      I answered in the thread. HTH!

    3. B&K Mom

      B&K Mom

      I figured it out! YIPPEE!

  13. Having a little party at our place for a few of the girls' friends. Costumes a MUST!!! Can't way to play Twister and watch them dance to "Monster Mash" in the strobe lights!

    1. mbc72


      Sounds like fun!

    2. cyndals


      What a blast! Enjoy!

  14. So sad that I can't participate too much during this amazing celebration. Homeschooling occupies my days; recovering from homeschooling occupies my evenings. Looks like lots of fun!!! Happy Anniversary SG!!!

  15. Joining in with the I-love-the-new-SG-Club Club. :) Great job Brandy!

    1. DixieLee
    2. Brandy M

      Brandy M

      Muah! Thank you ladies ;)


  16. SNOW!!!!!

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    2. jode2771


      Already??? Not on nature!!

    3. LauraYB


      Yeah, my mom texted that Pikes Peak already has snow in Colorado today! Wow!!

    4. LauraYB


      Yeah, my mom texted that Pikes Peak already has snow in Colorado today! Wow!!

  17. Not so happy Saturday....DH leaves this morning for 2 weeks...I'm going to miss him so much. Guess I'll have to scrap while he's gone. ;)

    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      At least scrapping is some consolation, lol.

    2. Cheri T

      Cheri T

      AT least you're looking on the bright side. Hope the time flies by quickly!

    3. DixieLee


      You are just gonna have to email or text alot and pick something out each day for you--I got the house yard cleaned while hubby was gone for 2 weeks, our son helped me!

  18. Had to scrape the car windows today. Fall is definitely here!

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    2. AnnBK


      We are seeing some color in the leaves, but it's still in the 80's most days.

    3. Nica


      Had to scrape mine, too. Really had to fight the boys about wearing coats today. I gave up and let DS#3 wear shorts under his coat. **eyeroll**

    4. LauraYB


      Holy cow! Get out the winter clothes!

  19. What's on your mind?our SS Club is FANTASTIC! (and right up my alley too). I live in denim as do our girls. I have 4 new pairs of jeans sitting on my counter right now. LOL. THanks for a great Club!

    1. Armi Custodio

      Armi Custodio

      Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy playing with it!

    2. DixieLee


      I really like denim too!

    3. jode2771


      Yes I have been waiting for the 15th to come so I can finally use this kit!!!

  20. Sweet new SG Club Collection, Kimmy! It will get much use at my house (the girls LOVE the little owls).

    1. kimmybutton


      Thank you, Debbie! YAY! So happy they like those cute little owls. Being the mom of 4 daughters, that warms my heart. xoxo to them! :)

  21. Today I WILL scrap a page...really! lol

    1. alsoarty


      I promised myself so too... goo luck. (I have the baby today -

    2. lorac


      That's the way to go ladies. I might join you ladies and do a layout.

  22. We start homeschooling TODAY!!!! It's an exciting, frightening, overwhelming, mysterious opportunity we have this year. I think I'll learn more than the girls will - LOL!

    1. Jo Corne

      Jo Corne

      wahoo, best of luck, hope it's an all round wonderful experience, plus, you are braver than me :)

    2. Reminiscing


      Homeschooling is a wonderful lifestyle! We've been doing it from the start and now my kids are 12, 9, and 6.

    3. Becster


      Good luck! I'll be looking forward to hearing how it goes!

  23. WooHoo...A SALE on VACATION stuff (and more). Who knew that I needed to scrap our vacation pages???

  24. Fun and Gorgeous new SS Club, Andrea! Thanks so much!!!