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  1. I have started and binned, and started and binned.... 4 TIMES!!!!!

    Not having any luck here, none of my pages look as good as the ones in the Gallery - no wonder they are all winners!


    Still trying, I WILL get this done!

    Jody, this is my lot in life way too often (note the absence of new LOs in my gallery over many months). I'm with Tiza…ALL your LO are amazing. Let it sit. Another time this will come together easily. :)

  2. I've finally completed a LO in PSE 11and was hoping to post it today. But when I went to change the Resolution of my page to 72 ppi, BIG PROBLEM! Here's the story.


    Opened 300 ppi jpg LO in PSE (EXPERT) (3600 x3600 pixels)


    -Went to IMAGE >> RESIZE>> IMAGE SIZE - everything looked fairly normal there to me.

    -Constrain Proportions checked BUT greyed out??? Width(12 in)-Height(12in)-Resolution(300ppi) linked with little link symbol greyed out too.

    -Changed Resolution to 72ppi here


    There is no option to change the width/height to PIXELS like I used to have. So what do I do now? The Width/Height can be changed, but they are linked to the Resolution...so it never "really" changes the dimensions down as I have done in the past.


    I'm sure there's a way to do this. What am I missing (part of my brain?)? PLEASE HELP!!



  3. Oh Belle, you have come to my rescue! I've been playing with PSE 11 and HATE that I can't get to my Layers when I quickly grab and Effect or Action. Not to mention that I can't get mine to let me have each of my open files free-floating in the work space (all are stuck in tabs at the top). It's amazing how much of a difference these 2 inconveniences make to my scrapping pleasure. As they say, "Change is HARD!" BTW, there are many great new things about PSE 11 though. :D

  4. Just saw this thread. I went through my iPhoto library of elements, searching for leaves (love being able to keyword), and found these collections which haven't been mentioned yet. I think they're all still available. Amount of greenery varies.

    ABR_Old Friends

    AFT_Mango Sorbet, Fleure Moderne

    BHA_Stylize - esp. the Emb Mini

    BMU_Outdoor Life (some ferns); Serendipity; Herbs Emb; Mossy

    JZI_For Spacious Skies

    MRE_Sketched Leaves brush



    Have fun searching


    You posted two of my favorites...Old Friends and Stylize. Don't forget Thao's Naturescape Collection Biggie

  5. Haven't read this whole thread, so this may be a repeat (sorry in advance). Can't say enough about Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. (this is NOT "that" Shades of grey book). It's quite an amazing story (based on real life events from of the author's family member) of WWII work camp. It's a young adult book and a pretty easy read, though the content is difficult at times, as you might expect. WONDERFUL! I had a hard time putting it down (and I'm not an avid reader unfortunately). Can't wait for our girls to be old enough to read it.

  6. I made a page but it might be too dull... anyway, here it is.



    Jody, a.k.a. "Queen of Bright Colors"....lovely LO (though I must agree it's a bit subtle ;) )! The mood you created with this LO is amazing. Great photo too. You are an amazing scrapper!!!

  7. Meanwhile...Over Scrap City the Mojo-sucking minion hoard had duplicated to nearly three times their original number. The citizens of Scrap City were running chaotically through the streets. The people's cries for help were barely audible over the monotonous din of the hoard. Many felt there was no hope. But one wise woman knew there must be help for them all. Penelope Paperscrapper had long been plagued by Nomojo and his minions. She had been smothered by cardstock, adhesives, decorative scissors and piles of embellishments to the point where she couldn't even begin to get her family's memories on the page. She was finally ready to make a change and set out to find an alternative. That's when the minions descended. She had heard that she could actually save her family's memories on her computer in beautiful scrap pages without all the clutter. And she was determined to find the solution despite the mind-numbing minion hoard. She...

  8. "SAAAAAAAAALYYYYYYY!" her mother's voice sang out from the tiara. "You have a visitor. He says his name is O.J. OMON and is a friend of yours. What a polite boy he is. And so handsome too." Sally thought for a moment. Her mother was always hoping she'd find a handsome young man for her to settle down with. But Sally didn't have a friend named O.J. OMON. She had a friends DJ, PJ, and TJ but no O.J. She notice the hair on Snip's back stand up and his tail swell to three times it's usual size. "O.J. OMON, my paw!" Snip hissed. "He's no friend. Spell that name backward, Sally, and you get.....NOMOJO!!!" Now the hair on Sally's arms was standing up too. Nomojo must have done some significant self-editing and embellishment, transforming himself into something he DEFINiTELY was not. And now he was at her house! "We know where he is NOW, Snip," Sally grinned. "This is our chance!"

  9. Sally, still amazed that Snip was actually talking to her, tried to focus on the page in the book in front of her. But for some reason she didn't need the book to tell her what to do. She was surprised to find that not only did she possess the superability to fly, but she now had SUPER SCRAPPING SKILLS. Instantaneously, her tiara diamond beamed a holographic screen in front of her. With lightning speed she created two Layer Masks: one for herself, the other for her feline sidekick. She clipped a mask to each of them, then grabbed a large round brush, set the color to black ("Black conceals, white reveals!" she heard ringing in her head) and brushed them into apparent invisibility. The Dynamic Brushed Duo were now ready to take on Nomojo. They set off to FIND and DELETE the crusty creativity crusher!

  10. ...noticed she still didn't have her cape on. No wonder she was feeling a little off-kilter. What good are pink go-go boots and a tiara if she didn't have the cape? She mustered all her strength lifting the oatmeal-laden spoon. With the precision of the Edge It Action on a selected object in PSE, Sally catapulted the enormous mass of oatmeal from the spoon directly into the eye holes of the sinister sucker's mask.

  11. ...No! she gasped. It couldn't be that! Saving Scrap City from the Mojo-sucker minions was important. But how could she do THAT to her baby sister? She is so innocent, so undefiled, so (she had to admit) sweet. How could she go against all her scruples, her compassion, and her family convictions and make her baby sister do this. But if she didn't, the transformation would be completed with no turning back. Sally knew what she had to do. She went to the kitchen, got a large spoon, plunged it deeply into her now-cold bowl of gloppy oatmeal and headed toward her sister.