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  1. Beautiful, soft colors. I love the blending throughout the page and your element clusters. Gorgeous!!
  2. Your cards are always beauiful, Ann. Can't wait to see wat beauty you are creating!
  3. Tried my hand and creating a cover for my SG Profile ... of course I had to use the May ScrapGirl Club in all its gorgeousness! 


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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      As you might say, "Wowser!"

    3. LauraYB


      Such a beauty to look at every day! Nice work!

    4. ladyscrapalot


      Gorgeous!!! I'll need to give this a go!

  4. Oh goodness, Kelly, does this look like a fun trip/list to follow or what? Love those glasses filled with texture and color ... and awesome layout!
  5. Welcome home, Ngaire! Glad you had a fun trip and took so many photos. Looking forward to your layouts with them!

    1. Ngaire


      Hi Lei!

      Thanks for your lovely note.

      We had a fabulous time in Tassie!! It was wonderful catching up with my brother and a school friend I haven't seen for 21 years!

      Even more wonderful when I found out she had given her life to the Lord and is very active with her husband in the music side of church. Her Husband David plays a harp and he entertained us one evening with his playing. It was beautiful. He has done some recordings onto some CD's and gave me some. I have been playing them lots since I have been home. It did remind me of you and your dulcimer :-)

      Tasmania really is quite a beautiful place, I found a lot of areas a lot like our own country of NZ.

      My photos were more memory photos rather than wonderful photos. The weather was a little cloudy and wet when I had the opportunity to do photos but still I did manage to get some nice shots and like I say they will be great to jog the memory!

      How did your talk go at the ladies meeting you had? I bet you were wonderful!

      Since we have been home I have been helping with babysitting for family or shop sitting! :-)

      Our daughter Kerri runs a small second hand clothing shop in her little town of Darfield. The other day she rang and said she had awful toothache and had to go into Christchurch to get it looked at and wondered if I could look after the shop for her, then our son and his wife are trying to get their home ready for selling and have to get lots of painting done so I have had their children here with us while they get that done. So its been all go since we have been home. Dave is very involved with Lions over here and they have had some big events that he has been hands on with so I have hardly seen him lately. So I guess its welcome back home to the madness of life again. Its beginning to seem a wee while ago that lovely holiday. :-)

      Well I am going to try and get caught up on my Project Life scrapping. At least I do have plenty of photos for the last few weeks :-)

      I do hope this finds you well and enjoying your spring.

      Big hugs to you my friend



  6. May

    I am "wowed" by this, Marie. I too love the color palette and thefact you turned it into a calendar. And its just my style!
  7. I love that you inclued a photo of your notebook and pencils within the layout along with your 2 homes. Really liking the colors on this page.
  8. Quite some time ago I read Ann Vosskamp's book "One Thousand Gifts" and began daily listing little things that blessed my heart. It has really helped me to slow down and enjoy the moments of my day and recognize how blessed I am. "Listing my Blessings"
  9. A long time ago I read Ann Vosskamp's book "One Thousand Gifts" where she encouraged you to list daily gifts or blessings - things you were thankful for. It really made me stop and appreciate moments in my day. AFT_Gratitude BMU_AGDiary BMU_FTDO BMU_SSTools_Styles_AgedMetals GWH_FamilyTies_SavSel
  10. ME! I'm in !! Already have an idea!!
  11. LOL ... right in front of my nose ... [follow] button! How easy??
  12. No, Ngaire, I didn't make the doily! Sorry, didn't see this question until now. I didn't get a notification on it ... must figure out how to set notifications when comments are made!
  13. Beautiful cards came left in my mailbox yesterday ... WOW what a talented bunch of ladies we have! Thank you everyone for such a beautiful collection.
  14. Yes, I used my silhouette, however some I did "fussy cut" by hand. They really are not that difficult to cut out by hand but I did make quiet a few cards so having the machine do a lot of the work helped greatly!!
  15. If you are into making hybrid cards, you are in for a decision dilemma with the new SG Club, Rosehill Cottage! The papers are gorgeous for card backgrounds but what is really bad is trying to decide which elements to use - they are all beautiful and lend themselves so well to card making! Here are just a few samples of what has been coming from my craft table lately.