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  1. Oh Kelly, your cards are always creative and beautiful! I'm sure it will return once you starting thinking of all the silly fun of Alice in Wonderland!
  2. ME ME ME ME ME .... sound like the flowers warming up to sing their little ditty to Alice
  3. A great Crock-Pot meal starts with a Sparkling Clean Crock-Pot, so here's my first recipe. Hoping to add a few more!
  4. ABR_CookieExchangeCard1 BMU_DinnerParty
  5. Really like that overlay floral (lace?) on the whitened newsprint background!
  6. So much texture I can almost "feel" it! Love this card, Diane!
  7. Love the quote and the card!!
  8. What petite little petals. Lovely card, Debby!
  9. Uniquely beautiful!
  10. Great card, Andrea!
  11. Yes, you MUST do this more often! Beautiful card, Angie!!
  12. Great direction! Great quote!! Love the card.
  13. Couldn't sleep ... the result "Whiter than Snow"
  14. ASO_SSEmb_PM_WinterMagic ASO_WhiteLinenDemask_Paper CVA_SSTools_Scripts_SupplyTracker SNU_SSPaper_FallingSnow