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  1. I love all the little pictures at the top.
  2. Karen M in FL


    I really love the cluster of elements you used with all the great Alaska elements.
  3. Karen M in FL

    Baby Blues

    I like the watercolor red behind the photo. I also like how you have the elements placed diagonally across the page.
  4. I like the use of the berries both on top of the photo and tucked into the bow.
  5. Wonderful quote. I really love the colors on this page. The glitter title is a nice touch.
  6. I really like the combination of grey and red. I also like the placement of the paper tree.
  7. I really like the big number one and the words over the soft pink circle.
  8. Karen M in FL

    last blooms

    I love the pretty pink wooden frame.
  9. Karen M in FL

    Gratitude Journal

    Such a wonderful idea. I like the way it looks like an open journal sitting on a desk.
  10. I like the paint smears on the page.
  11. I really love the relief look of the paper in the background of the page.
  12. Karen M in FL

    Remember NY

    I love the great masking on the one photo and the scatters around it.
  13. Such a cute siggy. I love the little penguin and all the snowflakes moving behind your name.
  14. I like the way the journaling goes down between the pictures. I like the little heart and its placement on the side of the page.
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