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  1. I miss you, my friend. I know that you are smiling down from heaven on us all.

  2. Happy Birthday Shelbi, have a great day.

  3. Just thinking about you and wondering how you are!

  4. Hi michelle, Just tried to send you a message but you box must be fill. If I don't have to be on the message board at a certain time I could do the bingo calling for you if y ou want. Just tell me where to find the game and what to do. i have work till 1.30pm amd a dentist appointment at 2.30pm but I can do stuff after that.

  5. bingo words posted and fixed ;)

  6. Shelbi

    Big Hug

    Love it Love it LOVE IT
  7. Wow!!! Such a beautiful card!
  8. Shelbi

    Wedding Card

    Another beautiful card!!
  9. Shelbi


    I share your addiction with hostas I love your layout too.
  10. Shelbi

    Bub's Card

    Great card. Cute dogs. ((hugs))
  11. Shelbi

    Sig June 2010

    Oh this is so cool!! Great job.
  12. Shelbi

    mothers day clock 3

    These are so cute!!! Thanks for showing them actually done. Some of us need to "see" things to understand them.
  13. what a special touch for the tea!!! They turned out lovely
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