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  1. LaLo1103


    Only for you Marilyn!
  2. This sounds like a fun one to try! Dare I say that even the kids may like this one?
  3. LaLo1103


    This card looks beautiful AND the recipe sounds great! Definitely looks like the kind of meal I'd like to warm up with after shoveling snow!!!
  4. LaLo1103

    SG Recipe Swap Jan 2018 Slow Cooker Pumpkin Pie

    Sounds yummy and I love your recipe card! Those beautiful leaves put me in the mood for some hot soup on a crisp, fall afternoon!!!
  5. LaLo1103

    February 2018 Recipe Swap

    I just added mine to the gallery and will e-mail Conda momentarily! Easy Egg Drop Soup Thanks MariJ for inspiring me to join in the fun!!!
  6. LaLo1103


    MariJ encouraged me to participate in this month's swap so here is my card! The is a quick and easy version of Egg Drop Soup! You can spice it up with a splash of Sriracha or add some crispy noodles for a little crunch! I used Brandy Murray's Asian Beauty Collection Biggie to create my card. Hope you guys like it!
  7. LaLo1103


    I know that I am the absolute WORST about posting images, so I really wanted to share this album I did with photos from the Chihuly exhibit at the NY Botanical Gardens! I created my Infinity Collection Biggie specifically for these photos because I wanted something subtle that wouldn't take away from these wonderful works of art! Most of the layouts also use the Different Slant templates since I felt they added a more artistic feel than my usual square templates. I hope you enjoy the photos!!!
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