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  1. I remember going there as well!!! It's been a REALLY long time, but the one thing I remember the most is that live turkeys do not smell all that pleasant!!!
  2. LaLo1103

    Weekend Challenge 10/27/18 Nature Pumpkins

    I think your painting technique turned out nicely! Those little bursts of color in the background of the photo really help lend it a surreal and painted feel! The glitter frame is beautiful and your simple title is great against that warm background!
  3. LaLo1103

    Nov 2018 Recipe Swap - Holiday: Green Bean Bake JP

    This recipe sounds like a winner for Thanksgiving! I really love how you just drop in a few well-placed embellishments, but keep your recipe cards very clean!
  4. Nice photo and I love how it looks like it was painted/transferred onto the page! I think all the leaves have fallen up here - we are now in "Never-Ending Raking Season"!
  5. I do love your photos and your really unique layout! The angled papers with the embellishment at their intersection make a really nice layout!!! I'm glad you're getting a lot of use out of the club! I loved making it because I also have a LOT of photos to scrap from the fall!
  6. So I have to ask, was it Larison's Turkey Farm? I remember going out there a few times before Thanksgiving! Nice layout and and ever nicer photo!
  7. You have been a scrapping machine, Marilyn!!! You are going to have one beautiful recipe box when you are done!!!
  8. LaLo1103

    Oct 2018 SG Recipe Swap Breads: Mimi's Banana Bread

    Sounds yummy! I love the adorable little baker mouse you added!!!
  9. LaLo1103

    Sept 2018 Forum Game Wk 3 LO 3 Photoless: Card

    I love it, Marilyn! So cute and it this layout really is great with any photos added to it!!!
  10. LaLo1103


    Only for you Marilyn!
  11. This sounds like a fun one to try! Dare I say that even the kids may like this one?
  12. LaLo1103


    This card looks beautiful AND the recipe sounds great! Definitely looks like the kind of meal I'd like to warm up with after shoveling snow!!!
  13. LaLo1103

    SG Recipe Swap Jan 2018 Slow Cooker Pumpkin Pie

    Sounds yummy and I love your recipe card! Those beautiful leaves put me in the mood for some hot soup on a crisp, fall afternoon!!!
  14. LaLo1103

    February 2018 Recipe Swap

    I just added mine to the gallery and will e-mail Conda momentarily! Easy Egg Drop Soup Thanks MariJ for inspiring me to join in the fun!!!