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  1. I love this layout! Spelling out Easter on the side tiles was a great idea!!! Beautiful job!
  2. What a warm and beautiful page!
  3. Cute card and all I can say is "yum"!
  4. I love this page and I love how you loved a long, thin photo that tells the story! Beautifully done page!
  5. This is a great page and I love all the photos but the jack-o-lanterns are my favorite! Beautiful job!
  6. I am loving reading all the cookie recipes from the year's exchange!!!

    1. CRS


      Me too! Great bunch of recipes!

  7. I love seeing all the Halloween stuff in our store this week! I think I am going to need another external hard drive for my purchases!!!!
  8. I love how soft and warm this photo feels! I thought neutral paper would be the perfect choice for scrapping it!
  9. I love fall weddings!
  10. Autumn is my favorite season. Light houses are great to photograph no matter what, but fall seems to make them really spectacular!
  11. I just loved the light in this photo and couldn't wait to scrap it!
  12. A wedding shoe shot! Because how often do you get to see the bride's fabulous shoes?! Never! But they made for a great fall photo in this shot!
  13. This photo was so sweet and innocent - I loved laying it out and giving it some musical elements to make it different from my standard fall layouts.
  14. This photo was beautiful in full color, but after I tried the sepia effect on it, I thought it definitely had a more "autumnal" feel!
  15. I figured it was time to update my gallery, so here are some of the shots from my Autumn Symphony Collection! Out of all the photos I've ever taken, I might be the most proud of this one!