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  1. This page was so beautiful it just jumped right at me when I peeked in the gallery! Love the photos and the layout!
  2. I absolutely love this layout! Not only did you use a great photo, but I love the embellishments and your title!
  3. Belanger has some great stuff but her wood grain papers really jumped out at me! The BBQ ones are great but it's the colors that made me fall for these!
  4. Emily has got that great art journaling style that always makes me jealous! This Halloween kit is absolutely adorable - I particularly love the papers!!!
  5. My friend Cindy - you have so many kits I love! I don't live on a farm, but this kit makes me want to visit one! I love the colors and textures !!!
  6. I just loved the the colors and embellishments in this kit! Not to mention the little bits of sparkle throughout - I always LOVE a little sparkle!
  7. Yay! Congratulations Barbara!
  8. This is one of my favorites as well, Carla! I'm planning to use it for 4th of July photos in a few days!!!
  9. I always think of Cheri as our Template Queen! Although I am horribly behind on my Project 52, but when I am ready to catch up Cheri's templates are what I'll reach for! But with kids home for the summer, I probably will NOT be doing much catching up until September...
  10. I was a fan of Carolyn's when she was at another site, so I was very excited when she became part of ScrapGirls! Her "Life is a Highway" kit is great for all my photos of the boys with their Matchbox cars and trucks!!!
  11. Syndee has SO many great products that its hard to pick just one! She's another one that I find so inspiring!!! I have used her Woodlandia and Among the Wildflowers collections numerous times! But I am always drawn to Halloween and this is one of Synd.'s best!
  12. I am always ready to scrap photos of my "first-born" child so this is one of my favorites from Angie!
  13. I'm totally with Ginny on this one! I LOVE making my own recipe cards and this is THE perfect Value Pack for scrapping them all!
  14. Ahhh yes, the Snugglesaurus! One of my favorites as well! I made it for my boys and I always think of them when I see it!
  15. I also have been a fan of Brandy's for YEARS! I think she was one of the reasons I fell in love with ScrapGirls and it became my favorite store! I actually have a lot of her kits so it was fun to fine one that I haven't got yet!